Boating with Clyde is a Nautical Adventure Series. Stared in 2010 by Clyde Petersen, the summer will begin the shows third season of production. BWC features the talents of local and touring musicians, with a focus on Northwest bands. Artists are taken out onto the lake to perform in the boat. Meanwhile, underwater, local fish anchorman Pinky BottomFeeder gives us the news from Deep Deep in the Blues.  Screening are held locally from time to time, and the entire show if free to watch online.


The Stranger // Jen Graves // Sept. 20, 2013


Three Dollar Bill Cinema // SLGFF 2013

Press Photos

Pinky Bottomfeeder

Photo by Karl Blau

BWC logo

Logo by Sparky Taylor

Pinky Bottomfeeder

Photo by Karl Blau

Clyde Petersen

Photo by Forrest Baum

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